It's not often we have to correct a correction, but after some confusion regarding the story on March 29 about Marv Stover's resignation from the NFRC board of directors, the questions have been resolved. We issued a correction after being notified by NFRC that the report on USGNN was wrong. After additional research by both USGNN staff and the NFRC PR department, the results is that the original statement that there have been three resignations from the board was correct. They have taken place within the last twelve months. To set the record straight, the resignations have been:

· Kate Offringa, formerly of the Alliance to Save Energy, who resigned in April 2005;

· Ken Nittler, with Westlab, who resigned on June 27, 2005. His resignation was announced at the NFRC conference in Quebec City; and

· Marv Stover, who resigned from the NFRC board of directors effective January 2006.
We regret the confusion.

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