Corning Video Provides Glimpse Into the Future of Glass
March 7, 2011

The idea of a day made of glass might not seem too far-fetched for those who already spend their days involved in the development, manufacturing, installation, even marketing of glass. But to the average consumer who thinks of glass as little more than what’s in a window, a day made of glass might seem an unlikely occurrence. However, Corning Inc., the 160-year-old glass and ceramic manufacturing company, is working to change that mindset. The company recently created its A Day Made of Glass” video designed to provide a look at its own vision for the future of specialty glass. From architectural display glass and architectural surface glass to large panel display glass and even flexible display glass, The video shows the expansive opportunities and options for all that’s possible with glass.

Daniel Collins who works in corporate marketing for Corning explains that the industry has changed rapidly over the course of the company’s 160-year history.

“A hallmark of what we do is innovation and we want to allow people to see how glass can be used as a continually evolving, dynamic technology,” says Collins. “Sometimes people take the enormity of innovation for granted. They don’t fully appreciate the technology and innovation that goes into glass everyday,” he says.

Collins continues, “The technology that goes into manufacturing and producing [these products] is far different than what people think of glass.” He points out that 10 percent of Corning’s revenue is spent on research and development in the field of specialty glass, totaling about $700 million a year.

“We’re working on inventing the technologies of the future,” he says.

In producing the video, Collins says they wanted to communicate that there are many applications and possibilities for the ways in which glass can be used. For example, the video details products such as architectural surface glass used in creating a thermally durable, touch-sensitive stove top, as well as appliance veneer glass used on a refrigerator panel that is electronically enabled as well as scratch- and smudge-resistant. With such a refrigerator, instead of covering the doors with magnets and pictures, for example, the photographs would be a part of the glass itself and could be moved or enlarged with a simple touch.

According to Collins the products featured in the video are in various developmental, stages.

“We work with manufacturers in different industries. For example, we work with appliance manufacturers on utilizing the glass in future products. There are prototypes in the labs of these appliance manufacturers,” he says.

So far, the video, which runs about five and a half minutes, has been used in customer demonstrations and presentations, at investor conferences, on the company’s Facebook page, as well as on YouTube.

“We’re not promoting the video, but that glass can meet a lot of the challenges of the marketplace,” says Collins, who adds that the response has been overwhelming.

“We understand it to be one of the highest viewed videos on YouTube (Editor’s note: at press time it had been viewed more than 7 million times),” says Collins. “And the interest from customers, employees, shareholders … has been tremendous.”

He adds, “We’re actively looking at how we can communicate to the marketplace [the innovations] of glass.”

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