Columbia Commercial Building Products and Armortex Partner to Offer Low-Pressure Blast-Resistant Products
August 19, 2010

Columbia Commercial Building Products in Rockwall, Texas, and Armortex of San Antonio have entered into a sales and fabrication agreement through which they are working together on the co-development of a line of low-pressure, blast-resistant products. The two companies are working jointly on the manufacturing, engineering and testing and the products will be marketed/branded as Armortex. The agreement was finalized on July 1.

Kelly Townsend, national sales director for Columbia Commercial Building Products, says the relationship represents a true manufacturing-marketing agreement.

“We are finding new markets for our existing product lines,” says Townsend. He explains that his company was getting requests for low-pressure blast-resistant windows, as was Armortrex. “About three years ago Rick Snelling [vice president of] Armortex and I started talking about how we could work together,” says Townsend.

Through the agreement, Columbia’s network of sales representatives also will be promoting the products to its current customer base.

“A lot of the projects coming out right now are calling for low-pressure blast-resistant products, often used in military, government and federal applications,” Townsend says. “With [traditional construction] down, customers have been looking for other types of work, so we’ve seen a lot of opportunities for blast-resistant doors and windows. This agreement is a way we can provide another option to help keep everyone busy.”

He adds, “Our customers now have a source for blast-resistant products along with other Armortex products that they offer exclusively, including a line of bullet-resistant products. Armortex customers have also gained a new source for non-blast or impact products as well as the standard products we offer.”

“I think the biggest benefit to both the contract glaziers and the end users is the synergy between our two companies,” Snelling adds. “Columbia has experience with [non-blast] door and window systems while we have experience with the blast systems. Together, this is a great partnership that will benefit customers and end-users.”

Both Townsend and Snelling say they believe the partnership represents a tremendous opportunity for both companies.

“We both feel that right now there is a ton of potential for where we can take this and we will continue to look at [future opportunities], one step at a time,” Townsend says. “So far, this has been a great success for us both.”

Townsend adds, “It’s one thing to partner with another company, but it’s also important to match up with one that shares the same business philosophy and we’ve found that our companies mirror one another in that.”

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