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USGNN Original StoryIndustry Pledges Support to Clinton Climate Initiative

Numerous companies are pledging their support to the Clinton Foundation's Climate Initiative (CCI) to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by making energy savings technologies affordable and accessible to cities around the world. Among those companies are St. Paul, Minn.-based 3M and Bekaert Specialty Films LLC in San Diego.

Former President Clinton launched the CCI in August 2006 with the mission of applying the foundation's business-oriented approach to the fight against climate change in practical, measurable and significant ways. In its first phase, CCI is working with the C40 Large Cities Climate Leadership Group to accelerate efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. CCI team members have visited nearly all of these cities and are working with them to define projects and take action.

Under its agreement with CCI, 3M will sell its window film to 40 of the world's largest cities at greater volumes and reduced costs. Five window films from 3M were invited to be part of the initiative, based on their technology that blocks the heat penetrating windows and results in less stress on air-conditioning systems and reduced overall energy costs in summer months and warmer climates. Among them are two films from the Prestige series - the first clear, metal-free window films that measurably reduce the heat and UV rays that enter commercial buildings, while allowing natural light through.

Installation of Solar GardŽ window film, a Bekaert product, is included under the Energy Efficiency Building Retrofit Program, which was designed to help public entities lower their energy consumption. Solar Gard window film can be sized to fit any glass door or window, making it an essential measure for government buildings which are often historic and frequently characterized by oversized windows.

"Climate change is a global issue that we must address immediately if we are to reverse its catastrophic effects," says Clinton. "I am pleased that the U.S. Conference of Mayors and many businesses are working with my foundation to supply energy-efficient and clean energy products. By offering these products at a discounted rate, we can ensure that more cities and citizens have access to them and that the market for clean energy technology will grow. Together, I hope that we can have a measurable impact on greenhouse gas emissions around the world."

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