UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - Cladtech Facility Features Bystronic Equipment
December 8, 2009

The Cladtech facilities in the Arab Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah are characterized by spacious premises and a quiet working environment. The company uses this space, amongst other things, for glass processing using machines from the Bystronic glass group.

Cladtech International is part of a Saudi Arabian investment group consisting of more than 400 individual companies.

"In order to independently supply the group with all the necessary material without any delays or planning risks, it was decided in 2006 to enter into the glass processing business, amongst others," says Henrik H. Christiansen, president of Cladtech.

Arif Khan, manager of the glass sales division adds, "As we designed the construction of the new hall in conjunction with the Bystronic glass machine concept, the premises are perfectly tailored to our needs and also offer enough space for a projected second expansion."

The right-hand side of the Cladtech building accommodates the glass processing plant. The glass plates are transported directly from the lorry to the automatic glass storage area and loading unit then from there on to the SMFR cutting table, which facilitates both shape cutting and edge deletion. Residual glass plates that are not required are stored temporarily in the residual plate storage. Following the automatic X, Y and Z breaking process, the first'sort sorting system is used to automatically place the cut glass in harp racks.

Glass edge processing is performed in parallel to the cutting area. The first'arris from Bystronic glass arrises glass plates automatically. This is followed by [tempering]. Next, the glass plates are processed into laminated safety glass on the adjacent compact lamiline or pressed in the integrated climate chamber to form insulating glass units. In the glass processing area, with almost 12,000 square meters of floor space, Cladtech says 29 employees produce about half a million insulating glass units per year - approximately 900 square meters of insulating glass per shift.

"As we mainly handle large-scale projects, process large quantities of high-performance glass and value high-quality standards, it was important to us to set up a fully automated production plant," says Christiansen. "By manufacturing with these high-quality systems, we distinguish ourselves considerably from our competitors, who manufacture mainly using semi-automatic procedures. For example, we are the only company in the Middle East offering automatic gas-filling and pressing of insulating glass units."

The quality of the products was also important.

"The systems from the strong Bystronic glass brand are perfectly suited for the production of large quantities," says Khan. "Bystronic glass not only advised us on the design of systems individually tailored to our requirements but also supported us during the entire plant design," he explains. "From the start, we felt in good hands with Bystronic glass, which remains unchanged today. We are completely satisfied with our decision."

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