Champion Metal & Glass Offers Insight into Glazing of World Trade Center Transportation Hub
April 30, 2012

by Penny Stacey,

The World Trade Center project in New York has drawn a great deal of press since its inception, and today work is underway on the many portions of the structure. In a project that brings together a multitude of subcontractors, Champion Metal & Glass recently began glazing the complex's transportation hub, which will connect all four of the project's towers.

The Deer Park, N.Y.-based company has been involved in planning for the project for more than a year.

"We have been involved since 2010-preparing shop drawings, engineering, submittals and security training for our staff," says Champion president Ali Ghahremani. Ghahremani describes the transportation hub as "a connection between the different towers that allows pedestrians to move in and out of the buildings. Included with this are many stores, which resemble an inside mall."

The company's work also includes the elevator shaft enclosures in the underground hub. Champion is using low-iron, tempered, laminated glass that is 13/16 inches thick, according to Ghahremani. "That's mainly to comply with the blast mitigation that is required," he says.

Rochester Insulated Glass in Manchester, N.Y., is supplying the glass, and Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. has supplied "custom steel with stainless steel framing that houses the glass."

"It's [more than] 55,000 square foot of glass," says Ghahremani. Like many projects, Champion became involved with the job through a bid process. "This is the type of work we like to do," says Ghahremani. "It falls into place and is consistent with the level of work that we do normally. It is high-end, high-quality and means a lot to our city."

Of course, with any high-profile project, there comes challenges.

"Safety and security are major factors of this project, not that it is not for others, but there is a whole new set of safety criteria to follow," says Ghahremani. "To be part of the project of this size and magnitude, every person involved in this project has to go through background checks and specific training to be able to be work on the paperwork for this project, not to mention to be on-site physically. By contract, we are responsible for safety and security and our company has agreed to open our doors at any time for audits and security checks. These items are being addressed and training is set up through the contractor, Tishman/Turner Joint Venture."

Otherwise, though, according to Ghahremani, the job is somewhat business as usual. The only difference on this project is that it is a world icon and pretty much the whole world has their eyes on it," he says. "It is truly amazing and prestigious to be a part of it." Champion's work on the transportation hub is scheduled to be completed by the third quarter of 2013.

"On a project like this we feel like we are giving back as well," says Ghahremani. "We are contributing to history."

Today marks a particularly large milestone in the construction of One World Trade Center, as a steel column is expected to be placed atop the building, making it the tallest building in New York.

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