USGNN Original StoryBack in Action: Greg Carney Talks About Returning to Work; Shares Thanks for Industry Support
August 27, 2009

"I spent 41 days in the hospital and when I returned to work I was amazed at how much had gone in the glass industry," says Greg Carney, technical director for the Glass Association of North America (GANA), who was hospitalized earlier this year for congestive heart failure (CLICK HERE for related article). "When you're out of commission like that you really have the opportunity to realize how much goes on."

Carney, who says he's feeling better everyday, has been back to work since late June and says he's been re-adjusting quite well thanks to all of the help and support he received from the GANA staff members.

"Urmilla Sowell (GANA assistant technical director) picked things up and kept them moving," says Carney. "She did a great job of working on some Glass Informational Bulletins and some ASTM projects, but really, it was everyone at 'Team Topeka' that made it easy for me to get back to normal work."

But the help, support and encouragement was not limited to those within GANA; it was industry-wide.

"The number of cards, letters and phone calls was just overwhelming with people keeping me in their thoughts and prayers. I appreciate that so much as it made it easy for me to get back to work-it made me want to get back," says Carney, who adds, "I have shoeboxes filled with cards that were all so encouraging and brought smiles to my face."

Now that Carney is back at home and at work, he says the time he spent in the hospital opened his eyes to a lot.

"We don't realize what the road of life does to us until we survive something like this and I'm lucky to have survived it," says Carney.

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