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USGNN Original StoryCardinal Glass Tumwater Location Fined for Serious Safety Violations

Cardinal Glass Industries' Tumwater, Wash., plant was cited and fined a total of $3,500 for two serious safety violations ($1,750 for each violation) that allegedly lead to the death of Christopher Benson, a 23-year-old employee who was killed while working at the plant on August 18 (CLICK HERE to read related article). Eileen Fischer, a representative for the Department of Labor and Industries, told™ that the citations related to the steps that lead up to the air table where the employee fell.

"The steps didn't meet the safety code requirements for stair width, angle and height of the risers," Fischer said.

According to the Citation and Notice of Assessment issued to Cardinal Glass by the State of Washington's Department of Labor and Industries, the minimum width requirement for the stairs is 22 inches. The assessment noted that at the time of the inspection the width of the stairs was 16 and 10/16 of an inch wide.

The Citation and Notice of Assessment also pointed out that the stairs used to assess the air table were not installed "at angles to horizontal of between 30 degrees and 50 degrees, with a maximum of 9 ½ inch risers." The inspection found the stairs in use installed at 57 ½ degrees with the first riser at 15 ½ inches and the second riser at 15 inches.

Cardinal Glass has until December 17 to appeal.

Representatives from Cardinal Glass Industries declined to comment.

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