Cardinal Glass Industries Introduces the Next Level of High Performance LoE Glass

Cardinal CG Company recently introduced a new high-performance, energy-efficient coated glass called LoE3-366 (low E cubed 366). This latest innovation in sputter coating technology produces what the company calls the ultimate coating for residential applications. It has a solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) of 0.27 and is virtually clear, with a visible light transmittance of 66 percent.

"LoE3-366 delivers the highest visible light transmittance with the lowest SHGC of any coated glass on the market today," states Bowie Neumayer, national sales and marketing manager. "It significantly reduces heat gain while letting the light stream in. With the cost of energy continuing to make national headlines, we felt the need to press the envelope further by leveraging our technology to make the next product for energy efficiency and comfort. LoE3-366 does this and then some."

The technology behind LoE3-366 starts with Cardinal's sputter coating process. Using the double silver platform that has proven to be the key to Cardinal's success in the marketplace, Cardinal's R&D group incorporated a third layer of silver to make LoE3-366. The result is a coating that works in every geographic location, delivering superior performance and minimal exterior reflectance with high visible light transmittance.

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