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USGNN Original Story"Buy Glass," Says White House Press Secretary During Monday's Briefing
June 10, 2009

Robert Gibbs, White House press secretary, specifically mentioned glass and aluminum during this past Monday’s press briefing. In discussing how jobs have been created as a result of tax cuts, Gibbs used the window manufacturing industry as an example.

As one reporter asked, "You guys are saying that unmeasured jobs -- and they're out there -- you're saying it's a result of tax cuts."

Gibbs responded, "You don't make window panes out of papier-mâché, right? You're going to have to buy aluminum; you're going to have to buy glass. Does the production of aluminum and glass for … window [manufacturing help] … to increase the production so that the tax credit can be fully taken advantage of -- are window producers doing that? Yes. Is the sale of aluminum for windows and glass creating jobs? Ask some of the readers of Bloomberg when they make investments in resources."

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