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USGNN Original StoryBethlehem School District Applauds SAFTI FIRST

Scott Gilliland, director of facilities and operations for the Bethlehem, Pa., School District, has clarified the involvement of San Diego-based SAFTI FIRST in the school's recent renovation.

"On November 21, 2007, a local newspaper in Allentown, Pa. (The Morning Call) published a brief article about the renovations at Freedom High School in the Bethlehem Area School District. (CLICK HERE to read that story.) Specifically, the article contained a number of mistakes and misstatements about the fire-rated glass and framing system manufactured by SAFTI FIRST," Gilliland says. "Contrary to what the news article claims, SAFTI FIRST was never a party to any lawsuit. In fact, representatives of SAFTI FIRST and Lawton Architectural Products have worked tirelessly with the school district and its project engineers at D'Huy Engineering to provide a remarkable example of cutting edge, fire-rated glass technology. Their collaborative efforts have assured that the finished system will meet or exceed the school district's expectations, and all concerned are to be applauded."

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