New Technology Premiers in Key Communications Publications; 2-D Barcodes Debut in USGlass Magazine
March 10, 2011

Key Communications Inc., publisher of USGlass magazine and™, has begun providing 2-D barcodes within both the editorial and advertising sections of its publications to offer readers enhanced online content at the touch of a button.

“We inaugurated the use of Microsoft (MS) Tags within the publications as a service to integrate print media with digital content to provide the most comprehensive experience for the reader,” says Holly Biller, vice president of digital media services. “We will be adding the service to our additional publications as well.

“We are continually breaking ground on new ideas and concepts to provide the timeliest news, in a user-friendly and forward-thinking format, and the 2-D barcodes are just that,” Biller adds.

The MS Tag reader is a free mobile application, so any smartphone user can take advantage of the additional content.

The MS Tags appear with an explanation about how to download the application to view them on a smartphone. The MS Tags provide varied rich media content from a related video or expanded website information.

View the most recent USGlass magazine digital edition online and witness the 2-D barcode firsthand.

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