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USGNN Original StoryBEMA Gets "Back to the Basics" by Hosting a Roundtable Discussion

The Bath Enclosure Manufacturers Association (BEMA) held a roundtable discussion that focused on matters related to the shower enclosure industry on November 5, 2008, at the Embassy Suites Orlando - Lake Buena Vista Hotel in Orlando, Fla.

Members from eight manufacturing companies gathered for the afternoon meeting followed that night by a reception and dinner and a golf outing the next morning.

"The purpose of this meeting was to help us refocus on what the original purpose of BEMA was meant to be, which was to promote the use of shower enclosures," said BEMA president Mark Rowlett of Coastal Industries "It allowed us the opportunity to get feedback from some of the members who don't contribute to the group on a regular basis."

Key discussion points included:

  • The progress of BEMA's Standards Committee work on developing an ASTM document;
  • The future of BEMA as a viable voice of the industry, and how to focus its efforts on behalf of its members; and
  • The role of the group's website, and how to make it a more instrumental and informative tool for the industry.

Rowlett said he felt the meeting "helped us to focus on what BEMA's future role will be and how this organization can become a more useful voice for the industry." He added,

"It was important that we got back to the basics, BEMA objectives and bringing manufacturers together for the good of the industry. We spent the afternoon discussing what was important to each attendee and how BEMA can work for its members in the future. Everyone left feeling this was a positive and worthwhile endeavor."

Looking at the shower enclosure industry itself, Rowlett said he hopes to see it flourish and BEMA can help be a part of moving it forward.

"It is important that this industry evolve and change to meet the consumer needs as the design trends change. BEMA can help affect this change be staying up to date on these trends, and helping its members promote their shower door products, as well as inform the public about the many types of products available," Rowlett said. "BEMA can also be instrumental in the safe and proper installation of these products, helping protect both the consumer and the manufacturer."

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