The Buzz at BEC, Day Three

A.A. "Sak" Sakhnovsky beguiled the crowd with his presentation of good building envelopes gone bad, but attendees were talking about one that stood out in particular.

"The whole building basically had to be reskinned at an astronomical cost," said Sak. "I asked where the architect was-because most of it was his fault. 'Oh he's gone,' the building owner said. I said 'what do you mean he's gone?' Can't you find him?' 'Oh, we know exactly where he is,' the building owner answered. 'He's in jail for robbing a bank.' Evidently, he wasn't making it as an architect so he robbed banks on the side. Someone watching the evening news saw a grainy picture of him taken by a camera at the bank and went to the police saying 'I know that guy. He's my architect.'"

Attendees were also talking about gift bags they received. "The Oscar goodie bags had nothing on these," he said, as they were filled with a variety of literature, cups, mugs, pens even a solar powered light bulb from suppliers.