Cornellier Challenges Contract Glazing Industry Leaders
March 19, 2012

Victor Cornellier, president of TSI/Exterior Wall Systems in Upper Marlboro, Md., warned attendees of the annual Building Envelope Contractors (BEC) Conference today in Las Vegas to heed recent events as a warning to the industry, such as the closing and subsequent Chapter 11 filing of Trainor Glass.

"You can say, 'well, that's one more competitor I don't have to worry about,'" said Cornellier. "If you've used that phrase, it's wrong ... We're one of the highest risk industries in the trade nationwide."

Cornellier appears optimistic about what's in the future, though. "2012, for everyone, is going to be a year of recovery," he said. "Manufacturers are putting out more quotes, they're closing more orders."

As the recovery occurs, he suggested that business leaders look at their company mission statements and make a plan for the future. "What do you want to be? What do you want to become?" asked Cornellier. "If you think things are going to get better this year without having a mission, you're going to become another statistic."

He encouraged leaders of contract glazing businesses to take this a step further and review their corporate cultures, to create cultures that encourage success among all levels of employees. "There are profit centers at every level of an organization," said Cornellier. "Make [employees] accountable, reward them, give them authority."

Succession plans also are crucial. "As you get further along and get a little gray hair, you better be thinking about succession in every department you've got."

Networking and having relationships with employees is key as well. "If you don't have a network inside you're company, you're not going to succeed," he said. "Have dialogue daily with your employees."

Networking also can occur with building owners--and this is important to success, suggested Cornellier. "The owner is the most powerful relationship--the true customer," he said. "You don't need to go around the architect or general contractor, but you need to make a relationship with that owner."

Finally, leaders must survey the market as they take this advice into consideration. "You should know what's coming up, and you should know what's in your market," said Cornellier. "None of us is too big to fail and that is absolutely the truth."

The BEC Conference continues through tomorrow, March 20. Stay tuned to™ for the latest news and updates from the event.

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