Ashton Industrial Develops New Design for SeamMaX-X™ Seaming Machine

In response to demand for fully automatic seaming of mixed random lite sizes (custom tempering) when space is at a premium, Ashton Industrial of the United Kingdom has announced the development a new seaming concept that meets this demand.

The company says its new SeamMaX-X concept requires half the space than other lines and is also a third lower in capital cost.

"Things move on, new ideas emerge, new technology in electronics and controls allows us to create better and faster machinery," said Steve Ashton, managing director. "We have a policy of continuous development and we are extremely excited about SeamMaX-X, especially the small footprint. It's the future of automation where reliability and high performance are required non-stop 24/7."

According to Ashton, with the SeamMaX-X, two parallel glass edges are processed simultaneously through two seaming stations that are linked by an automatic 90-degree transfer. The new technology is designed to allow the moving seamers on each leg to seek and find the edges of random size lites automatically and at very high speeds without manual input (patent applications have been filed).

The lites are transported through the seaming stations on the company's vacuum belts; glass is sucked on to the moving transport belts, resisting slippage, while grinding pressure is applied. Ashton says the result is a perfect seam, as there is no contact at all with the upper glass surface.

The entire line is constructed from non-rusting stainless steel and large dimensioned aluminum extrusions. Options available include automatic corner dubbing, edge deletion and laser logo marking.

Installation of the first SeamMaX-X line is planned for June 2006 at the BALINK glass processing facility in northern Holland.

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