Arch Deco Glass Introduces VISUAL™

VISUAL is the latest proprietary product advancement available from Tamarac, Fla.-based Arch Aluminum & Glass' Arch Deco Glass operations. VISUAL is a high-end laminated product that allows virtually any image to be reproduced onto the interlayer.

"It's this simple: if you can visualize or picture a product in your mind, we can now produce it with VISUAL," says David Williams with Arch Deco Glass. "It's a great process and one that will truly benefit the design community and their clients."

Williams adds that VISUAL is fabricated completely in-house, so the company has control from the initial design stage, through the lamination and shipping.

"That alone makes VISUAL unique and valuable," says Williams.

VISUAL can be made with highly saturated colors, but also has the ability to be virtually opaque. In addition, a pure white, black and sepiatones can be created through this process as well. As a laminated product, VISUAL also has the multi-function properties that allow it be used in safety, security, solar, structural and sound reduction applications.

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