Alcoa Executive Discusses Aluminum's Role in Sustainable Building Design During Metalcon
October 5, 2009

Eddie Bugg, director, Sustainable Solutions for Kawneer and Alcoa Building and Construction Systems, today discussed aluminum's role in sustainable building design at METALCON International 2009, which is taking place in Tampa, Fla. Bugg's presentation, "Aluminum and Sustainable Building Design," was sponsored by the U.S. Aluminum Association, where he serves as chairman of the trade organization's Building and Construction Committee.

In his talk, Bugg focused on how sustainable aluminum solutions can help achieve LEED certification and assist architects in creating high performance buildings. He described the different ways aluminum products save energy and improve indoor air quality through ultra-thermal glazing, cladding and fenestration, sun control, photovoltaics, day lighting, and natural ventilation. Bugg also explained innovative design modeling tools, including thermal, energy and BIM.

"Aluminum brings remarkable value to the building and construction market," says Bugg. "It is lightweight, durable, corrosion resistant, energy efficient, aesthetically appealing and infinitely recyclable. Nearly 75 percent of aluminum ever produced since 1888 is still in use today and 95 percent of aluminum used in buildings is recycled. Aluminum truly is shaping green buildings."

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