New Technical Interpretations for ANSI Z97.1 Issued
April 28, 2011

Two new technical interpretations have been issued for the 2009 version of the ANSI Z97.1 standard. The first, TI-04.11.001, clarifies the language related to laminated and organic glass weathering of colored products, indicating that clear products qualify colors. The second, TI-04.11.002, resolves the current question around the utilization of the center punch fragmentation test for tempered safety glass and the particle count.

The TI-04.11.001 interpretation notes that "when the thinnest construction of all components of laminated and organic coated glasses have passed the applicable weathering requirements and subsequent evaluation … thicker components and colored components will be deemed qualified for weathering compliance."

Likewise, TI-04.11.002 says "no one particle shall be longer than 4 inches excluding an area of radius 4 inches centered on the impact point and a border of 1 inch around the entire perimeter/edge of the test specimen."

Both interpretations will also be available through the ANSI Z97.1 website.

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