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USGNN Original StoryANSI Z97.1 Language Remains the Same Following Meeting

The two latest ballots on the scope, purpose and limitations of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard Z97.1, Safety Glazing Materials Used in Buildings - Safety Performance Specifications and Methods of Test, led to no changes at all.

The ANSI Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) met in Dallas in October to review balloted changes to the standard.

The committee heard a ballot to retain the word "safety" in the scope of the glazing standard. The ballot was made in the interest of broadening the scope of the glazing standard without worry of repeating the Consumer Products Safety Commission's (CPSC) standard 16 CFR 1201, Safety Standard for Architectural Glazing Materials. Some comments on the revisions noted that the scope of the standard should not be used to limit the type of testing performed, making it essentially the same as what is allowed by 16 CFR 1201.

Other committee members were interested in including wired glass in the standard, and felt that by removing the focus on "safety" in the scope they could include directives on using that product. However, other committee members suggested that a broader standard could be developed in addition to Z97.1, but that the current glazing standard needed to retain its focus on safety glazing. Ultimately the committee voted to retain the word "safety" in the scope.

A ballot to approve additional new language in the standard failed as it lacked the necessary two-thirds support.

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