Glazing Companies Showcase Wide Range of New Products During AIA Show
May 16, 2011

While show traffic at this year’s American Institute of Architects’ National Convention was slow, many exhibitors reported that they still saw a good mix of quality attendance and interest.

Offering products for the interior, Klein USA featured a number of new systems, including the Unik-Self, a self closing system. Cristina Vila, a sales manger with the company, explained that new line has a belt inside that controls the closing mechanism. The company also featured its Extendo system.

“It has no floor track,” said Vila, who explained it can be used in many different commercial and residential applications.

Saint-Gobain exhibited at this year's AIA show, the first time with all nine segments together.

In addition, other exhibitors featured many different glass and glazing products. Saint-Gobain, for example, had a large presence at the show where, for the first time, it was exhibiting with all nine of its divisions. These include Vetrotech Saint-Gobain, which featured the new VDS Curtainwall. The VDS fire-resistant system is for both interior and exterior use and has 60, 90 and 120 minute ratings and is available either in steel or non-rated stainless steel. The company also featured its Contraflam® Structure 60, a one-hour fire rated flush glazed system that protects against fire, smoke, toxic gases and forms a protective heat barrier in the event of a fire emergency. The systems can be used in interior transparent applications such as partition walls in offices, schools, conference rooms or shopping centers.

In addition, Saint-Gobain also featured Glassxcrystal, an innovative glazing unit that stores, heats and cools. Its multiple functions include transparent thermal insulation, thermal storage and energy transformation, protection from overheating, and daylighting.

Glassxcrystal combines the characteristics of phase-change materials (PCM) with self-regulating solar control in a glazed unit. PCM produces solar energy by uniformly radiating stored energy in a controlled way. At the same time, it lightens the room with diffuse daylight. It can also functions like a solar radiator in winter, giving off uniform warmth and more natural daylight.

“It’s highly thermal and insulating while still allowing in natural light,” says Roger Watson of Saint-Gobain.

Tubelite was featuring its new ForceFront storm- and blast-mitigating products, which are also manufactured with the company’s EcoLuminum™, a high recycled-content aluminum billet composition.

“The ForceFront line has seen a lot of interest from the government agencies here,” said Walter Lutzke, Tubelite’s marketing coordinator.

Stay tuned to™ for news and video coverage of this year’s event. Next year the AIA National Convention is set to take place May 17-19 in Washington, D.C.

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