JAPAN - AGC Studio Will Open in October Offering Hands-On Experience with Glass Functions
September 9, 2010

Asahi Glass Co. Ltd. (AGC) will open the AGC Studio, which offers hands-on experience with the functions of architectural glass, in Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo on Saturday, October 16. The company says the AGC Studio is intended to provide a place where glass professionals and general customers interested in glass can drop in, learn about glass functions and consult with the staff about how to use glass. Furthermore, through communicating and collaborating with customers, the studio will pursue new uses of glass and strive to create a new glass culture.

Hiroshi Ota, associate professor at the Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo, served as the general producer for the AGC Studio, and architect Kumiko Inui, the founder of Office of Kumiko Inui, designed the conference rooms and offices.

Features of the new studio include:

1. A hands-on area where visitors can learn about the performance features of glass, such as anti-dew condensation, heat insulation, heat shielding and soundproofing effects;
2. An area where visitors can touch and check all of AGC’s glass products. Some products are available in a large sizes to check and compare glass designs;
3. An entrance gallery where artists propose new possibilities of glass;
4. A glass library where visitors can read glass-related books and magazines from Japan and abroad;
5. Various events to help promote active communication and collaboration; and
6. A concierge service to provide customers advice on glass-related matters, such as its performance and fitting.

AGC plans to hold a variety of exhibitions and events at its new studio.

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