AGC Reports Construction Employment Continues to Slide
August 24, 2009

An analysis of federal employment data released by the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) showed few states were immune to construction employment declines in July. That analysis found that 47 states saw declines in construction employment, while only two states saw increases and one saw no change in construction employment between July 2008 and July 2009.

According to the analysis, each of the five hardest hit states saw construction employment declines greater than 20 percent over the previous year. Arizona saw a 28-percent decrease, while Nevada (25.1 percent), Connecticut (21.9 percent), Kentucky (20.8 percent) and Tennessee (20.2) were all close behind.

Louisiana and North Dakota both saw increases in construction employment, 3.6 percent and 2.8 percent respectively, accounting for a net increase of 5,500 construction jobs over the previous year. In addition, Mississippi saw no change, Nebraska had a 3.8-percent decline and South Dakota had a 3.9-percent decline. The analysis showed that these top five states accounted for a net increase of just 2,700 construction jobs.

CLICK HERE to read AGC's state-by-state construction employment analysis.

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