AAMA Offers Fact Sheet on Basics of Top-Lighting, Side-Lighting
March 23, 2011

The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) has published a new fact sheet on daylighting and energy savings, detailing how top-lighting and side-lighting contribute to a building design that integrates natural light and can help decrease energy costs.

Titled "Daylighting Basics: Daylighting and Energy Savings," the fact sheet was developed by AAMA's Skylight Marketing Committee, chaired by Chris Magnuson of Wasco Products Inc. Magnuson stated that "daylighting is an important issue in the design and building process. For years to come good daylighting that is well-integrated into a building design can have positive effects over the entire life of a structure. The fact sheet serves as an explanation of side-lighting and top-lighting and how both can contribute to increased natural daylight and energy savings."

In addition, the new resource also details the factors that impact the efficient application of side-lighting and/or top-lighting, including the building's purpose, features and orientation, as well as typical climactic and daylight conditions, interior climate control system and fenestration design.

"The fact sheet was created to serve as a resource that introduces the important points concerning side-lighting, top-lighting and factors that influence effective daylighting," says Angela Dickson, AAMA marketing manager. "With the rise of green building, daylighting is increasingly being utilized to lessen the need for electric lights as well as for energy savings through decreased heating and cooling load."

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