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AAMA Releases New Guide Addressing Fenestration Sealants for Windows, Window Walls and Curtain Walls
June 4, 2009

The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) has released a new guide (AAMA 851-09) for the use of sealants in fenestration systems. The 17-page document, titled Fenestration Sealants Guide for Windows, Window Walls and Curtain Walls, is intended to serve as a guide in the selection process, usage and application of sealants used in residential and commercial fenestration systems.

AAMA 851-09 serves as a replacement for the previous AAMA 850-09 titled Fenestration Sealants Guide Manual as it contains additional information previously found in the curtainwall series publications. Topics covered in the document include:

  • Reference standards;
  • Sealant selection considerations;
  • Classification of sealants;
  • Forms of sealants;
  • Movement and joint design; and
  • Sealant characteristics and their evaluation.

"Many factors must be considered in choosing the right sealant for a given application," says Ken Brenden, AAMA technical services manager. "This document can provide guidance, as selecting a sealant system and developing a joint design for a specific application involves several considerations."

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