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USGNN Original StoryAAMA Changes Fee Structure for Certification Program

The board of directors for the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) voted to change its fee structure for the association's product certification programs. This applies to the AAMA Gold Label 'AWS' Program, the Manufactured Housing Program and the AWS-NFRC Combination Program.

To fund its certification programs, the association says it is moving towards a model that assesses fees for services rendered rather than one based solely on the sale of certification labels.

While licensees will continue to purchase certification labels as they do currently, a system of credits and volume discounts will offset the new fee. The new AAMA Certification Program Bulletin #07-04 provides an overview of the changes in fee assessment along with examples of how this would impact various member and non-member licensees.

The revised fee structure will be in effect as of January 01, 2008. Starting in 2008, all licensees will be invoiced by AAMA on a quarterly basis for the quarter just ended.

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