AAMA Meeting Kicks off in Florida

The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) kicked off its annual meeting yesterday in Marco Island, Fla.

The marketing steering committee met Sunday and a main topic discussed was AAMA's certification program.

The group plans to produce collateral materials that manufacturers can use in their showrooms and give to their dealers. Part of this year's objectives is an interactive DVD tool kits for members use in the certification program. Non-members will also have access to these kits at a cost.

AAMA's certification program campaign will be directed to trade magazines as well as consumer outlets. The association plans to make sure its ad agency stays in touch with editors to ensure that AAMA is cited as a resource when editors write stories on doors and windows.

To gauge the success of its certification campaign, AAMA will set benchmarks for determining results. For example, focus groups will be conducted to gauge the awareness of code officials, builders and architects to AAMA's certification program.

The Window Selection Guide Task Group also met on Sunday. Developed ten years ago, the guide is geared to help designers and the group is updating to an electronic window selection guide.

"In the review we've determined a lot of information is out of date or missing in today's world. So we have been going through the way the whole document is being reviewed. The design consideration section is the only one we've gone through so far," said Edgetech's Tracy Rogers, chair of the group.

Meetings continue today and a report of Monday's meeting will appear in Tuesday's edition of USGNN.comô..

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