Glass Doctor Franchisee Donates to Ronald McDonald House
October 12, 2012

by Kaitlan Mitchell,

Several employees of the Raleigh Glass Doctor franchise donated their services to the Ronald McDonald House in Durham.

The Raleigh, N.C.-based Glass Doctor franchise donated nearly $3,000 in labor,window and sash replacements to the RonaldMcDonald House Charities (RMHC) in Durham. The local franchise, along with other help, donated a window-replacement package valued at $5,400. The total expense to RMHC after donations was less than half the valued cost. The RMHC was established in 1974 to support programs that directly improve children's health and well-being. Lynn Sefranek office manager Glass Doctor of Raleigh spoke with™ about the company's history contributing to the RMHC.

USGNN: Why are you particularly drawn to the RMHC cause?
LS: Specifically, the Dwyer Group as a whole, which we are a member of as well as six other franchise companies, has chosen the Ronald McDonald House all over the different states and as our corporate charity. Locally, we have never really done anything for a particular charity in the community or not a specific on-going charity. So we decided we wanted to be involved with the Ronald McDonald House.

USGNN: How did the window installment project come about?
LS: While we were there on a walk-through, we asked if that had any glass needs. Their existing building needed some work and that's what prompted us to start that.

USGNN: What other forms of charity have you contributed to RMHC?
LS: It started about a year ago with providing a meal for the people that are staying there with their sick children. That involved into supporting a family at Christmas time where we bought gifts for the family and the children. We donated a percentage of our sales last year from our fourth quarter to the Ronald McDonald House. What they do is phenomenal. It helps those parents with sick children focus on them. And for us to be a part of that, that's huge.

USGNN: Are you continuing your contributions?
LS: We have several coupons out on our website right now so if people do a certain amount of work with us we'll continue to donate to the Ronald McDonald House. We plan on doing more meals and supporting families through Christmas again.

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